Vision & Mission

Greenloop is committed to serve society by reconciling human activities with their natural surroundings, thus preparing society to learn how to adapt, become resilient and ultimately transition to the post-fossil fuel era.

Our vision of sustainability relies on scientifically established principles that are encompassed by biomimicry. By sustainability, we mean and aim at:

  • a paradigm shift from a problem solving to system thinking society

  • becoming and staying compatible with the functioning of the biosphere

  • getting inspired by past and present earth species that have mastered the art of making the most of the resource at reach without jeopardizing the biogeochemical cycles on earth

  • integrating all dimensions of biomimicry (form, function, system) to generate succesfull innovations

Our daily activities

  • To help private and public organizations become more resilient to adverse ecological, social & economical changes using biomimicry as innovative approach to generate technological, managerial and strategic solutions.


“Peak everything”

Put together, an alarming number of studies show that human activities have induced irretrievable ecological shifts with unknown consequences for life as a whole on the planet.

Most current sustainability efforts are tuned for incremental efficiency rather than disruptive system change. We need to tab into our creative and entrepreneurial potential to grow organisations that create positive change and seek to optimise their beneficial impact rather than just reduce their negative impact.