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Biomimicry Innovation and Finance Summit 3D printing

Event Info
Thu, 2014-09-04 (All day) - Fri, 2014-09-05 (All day)
After the successful first Summit in 2012, the Foundation for Global Sustainability (FFGS) in cooperation with swisscleantech, LIFE Climate Foundation, Zurich Zoo, Biokon, Wyss Institute Harvard, PLNU San Diego, and Ethical Markets, are pleased to announce the second Biomimicry Europe Innovation and Finance Summit 2014 in Zurich/Switzerland.

Greenloop participates in the Young Innovative Brussels SME Award

December 2011 : Greenloop participated in the subsidy award from Innov’Iris for Brussels’ young innovative SME 2011. Although it did not receive the price, Greenloop was amongst the 3 finalist SMEs that where regarded as most innovative in Brussels, together with Colibra and Clineurogiag.


The team

Gaëtan Dartevelle

Gaetan is CEO, director and co-founder of Greenloop. Within Greenloop, Gaëtan develops and implements strategic guidance for improved environmental management within businesses. Engineer of management and master in Environmental Management, Gaëtan worked many years on economic development projects in several countries.

Conferences & Training




Introductory conferences to biomimicry

Learn more about the potential of biomimicry for innovation and sustainability. During these short conference sessions (30 min to 1h30) you and your audience can learn how the living world serves as an excellent library and example for products, systems and organisational design. Keywords: system thinking, biomimicry, sustainability, resilience, smart product design, collective intelligence and new collaborative business models.   

Innovation & Transition Strategy

Greenloop has created a simple yet powerful methodology and innovative tools to help companies see sustainability as an opportunity.

Derived from life’s design principles, our tools help our clients set a tailored vision on sustainability for their organisations.

This approach thus enables the use and valorization of a large and adapted set of new and existing management tools to be applied with respect to the goals set.

Transition management integrates all of Greenloop's skills and competences, and includes some or all of the following services, depending on the client's needs:


System thinking, system innovation

Biomimicry and sustainability are at the centre of research & development

We understand that sustainability is not only a matter of technological innovations to overcome current challenges. Sustainability is founded in the ability of an organisation to be innovative and adapt to an ever changing environment. Innovation at Greenloop consists in translating valuable insights from life sciences to identify and apply optimal organisational conditions for innovation and sustainability.  


Greenloop tackles sustainability challenges by the use of biomimicry and its solid scientific grounds as a way to generate eco-innovative solutions for the technological and managerial sectors.
The Greenloop team is dedicated to a scientific approach, delivering a true, yet positive message on environmental issues and the many ways to tackle them.

Greenloop uses biomimicry as a tool to provide innovative and practical answers to sustainability issues that are being faced by organisations.

Greenloop embraces resilience thinking and system innovation.

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