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The team

Gaëtan Dartevelle

Gaetan is CEO, director and co-founder of Greenloop. Within Greenloop, Gaëtan develops and implements strategic guidance for improved environmental management within businesses. Engineer of management and master in Environmental Management, Gaëtan worked many years on economic development projects in several countries.

Our Strengths

Greenloop strives to deliver excellence in research, consulting and conference services. Our most precious asset is our human capacity; our true strength lies in our abilities as a team.

 The Greenloop team is:

  • Multidisciplinary. As a team, we are at the same time biologists, engineers and management specialists. This rather un-conventional set of specialisations is Greenloop’s key strength. 

  • Scientific. Our work approach and methodology ensure a solid scientific foundation. 

  • Practical. Experience in both academic and consultancy work taught us how to design and manage large projects successfully and deliver what we promise.

Innovation & Transition Strategy

Greenloop has created a simple yet powerful methodology and innovative tools to help companies see sustainability as an opportunity.

Derived from life’s design principles, our tools help our clients set a tailored vision on sustainability for their organisations.

This approach thus enables the use and valorization of a large and adapted set of new and existing management tools to be applied with respect to the goals set.

Transition management integrates all of Greenloop's skills and competences, and includes some or all of the following services, depending on the client's needs:

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