biomimicry & responsible innovation, paris conference september 9th

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Mon, 2014-09-08 13:30 - 19:30
In order to face global social and environmental issues, new transdisciplinary and trans-sectorial approaches have become essential. 
BIOMIMICRY (bio=life, mimesis = imitate) is one of the most promising approaches as it takes advantage of living technologies and systems, selected by 3.8 billion years of evolution and adaptation in order to develop new innovative and sustainable products, services and organizational models.
Several scientific and methodological hurdles regarding biomimicry integration remain to be overcome: biology knowledge transfer, go beyond isolated initiatives, experiment and develop systematic tools to introduce biomimicry in R&D&I processes, promote the integration of this approach by entrepreneurs, industrials, collectivities, educators and politic actors, but also its assimilation by civil society actors (citizens, consumers...).
This KARIM Interreg IVB event aims to give a picture of the european landscape regarding bio-inspiration integration in R&D&I strategies, with a specific focus on responsible innovation opportunities and challenges in SMEs.
You are involved in biomimicry and would like to share and promote your innovative projects at this event? 
Please send us an abstract and we will select top ten posters to be shown. 
Kalina Raskin - Paris Region Entreprises
An over 15-years biomimetics german roadmap
Thomas Speck - BIOKON & Competence Network Biomimetics 
Knowledge transfer from biology to other disciplins
Julian Vincent - Oxford University 
Challenges regarding SMEs
Kristina Wanieck- Bayonik
Enabling the Biomimicry Crowd 
Codrin Kruijne - Biomimicry NL 
Eco-socio-conception through biomimicry
Sebastiaan de Neubourg - Greenloop 
Stimulate creativity through biomimicry
Arndt Pechstein - Biomimicry Germany 
French landscape & conclusions
Kalina Raskin - Paris Region Entreprises
Cocktail and networking